The Reason Why…

I was sixty-seven years old when I was sent to the Federal Prison Camp at Beaumont, Texas.  I am now seventy-four years old and for the last six years, I have been trying to get my case overturned or get a new trial, because no crime was committed in this case.  When I was a Designated Airworthiness Representative for the FAA, I gave speeches at seminars given by the FAA and was very critical of the relationship between the FAA and the Aircraft and Aircraft Component Manufacturers, accusing the FAA of suborning racketeering by supporting some of the illegal practices by those manufacturers.

A bribe letter, stating that Bell Helicopter, a Textron Company, gave bribes to several people working for the FAA, surfaced during this time and I sent it to the Justice Department and the Department of Transportation and they sent the “bribe” letter to the southwestern regional headquarters of the FAA Security in Fort Worth.  One of the people on the letter, Tommy Tucker, hunted, fished, and practiced shooting with these security people and was the one who got the D.O.T. – IG to charge me criminally with backdating a log book and a 8130-3 Release to Service Form for a overhauled propeller.  What I did, I was licensed to do and it did not constitute a crime.  Two of the lady jurors in my trial, when interviewed in the hallway outside the courtroom, admitted that even though they voted guilty, they were confused and did not know what happened.

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